While many of CPM Group’s projects and services focus on individual metals or other commodities, some of our projects focus more broadly on the entirety of commodities markets.

Many institutional investors and high net worth individual clients are interested in investing in a wide range of commodities. They turn to CPM Group for commodities-wide research and consulting, as well as asset management and hedging programs. CPM Group has provided commodities-wide services to these clients and to financial institutions that service these investors.

Governments and international organizations such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, United Nations, and Common Fund for Commodities similarly often are interested in programs and topics that span commodities markets. For example, beginning in 1998 CPM Group provided research to the World Bank on effective commodity price risk management programs for commodities producers and processors in developing countries. Similar work with the Common Fund began in 1999. The work also included commodities imports for import-dependent countries. The work included petroleum, natural gas, wheat, cotton, coffee, cocoa, rice, and other commodities.

We have provided other services to individual governments and intergovernmental organizations related to a wide range of issues, including the legal and regulatory environment in individual countries and their effects on attracting or repelling foreign direct investment in their minerals and energy sectors, strategic metals management, and a range of other issues.