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View chartGold04/26/201703:43$1,268.50$1,269.504.500.36%$1,260.00$1,269.80
View chartSilver04/26/201703:43$17.47$17.57-0.10-0.57%$17.22$17.71
View chartPlatinum04/26/201703:43$948.00$953.00-5.00-0.52%$938.00$959.00
View chartPalladium04/26/201703:43$808.00$813.009.001.13%$793.00$814.00
View chartRhodium04/26/201712:04$935.00$1,035.00-10.00-1.07%$690.00$955.00
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  • Annual Net Additions to PGM Exchange Traded Product Holdings
  • Chinese Silver Imports and Exports
  • Commercial Vehicle Sales in Major Auto Markets
  • Exchange Traded Funds' Physical Gold Holdings
  • Price: $160.00
    Annual Yearbooks

    CPM Group's Gold Yearbook 2015 is the most comprehensive source of information, statistics, and analysis on the international gold market.

  • Long-Term Outlooks

    CPM Group’s Gold Long-Term Outlook 2015 provides comprehensive analysis of global gold supply, demand, and price trends, including projections for the next 10 years.  The report contains supply and demand statistics from 1950 through 2025.

  • Long-Term Outlooks

    The Rhodium Market Outlook is a comprehensive review of the rhodium market with projections for supply...

  • Long-Term Outlooks

    The Silver Long-Term Outlook 2011 is the most comprehensive analysis of the global silver market.

  • Long-Term Outlooks

    CPM Group’s Gold Long-Term Outlook 2013 is a comprehensive analysis of the key market fundamentals of gold that are expected to influence prices through 2023.  The report includes projections of supply, demand, and prices under three scenarios over the next 10 years. 


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