CPM Group Silver Long-Term Outlook 2011


The Silver Long-Term Outlook 2011 is an in-depth analysis of the global silver market.  The study examines the long-term historical trends in supply, demand, and prices and presenting potential and likely trends in supply, demand, and prices over the coming 10 years under three distinct scenarios.

CPM Group’s long-term analyses are based on both macroeconomic and microeconomic approaches.  CPM Group uses a top-down analysis of economic, financial, and political trends both globally and in major countries and regions to provide the umbrella overview of the economic environment in which these metals markets will develop.  This is combined with a detailed bottom-up analysis of individual sectors of supply and demand, including the extremely important and highly illusive area of secondary recovery from scrapped manufactured products, jewelry, the photography industry, electronics, and other manufacturing applications.  CPM Groups research also incorporates the company’s intimate knowledge of the investment markets for precious metals, including both over the counter physical demand trends and the more transparent retail investment products recently introduced and gaining in popularity.


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Fri, 09/30/2011